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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Angry Birds

Probably like most kids (and adults) in America*, my kids are currently obsessed with Angry Birds.  The downside, we don't have smartphones or Ipads so they used to only get to play when they were visiting relatives who did own said devices.  Not anymore.  For his birthday in January, Little Guy got this physical, build up blocks and launch a bird at them, board game version of Angry Birds.  He loves it.  And just recently he decided to save up his money for this other version.  (I've seen both at Target.)  Plus, we recently discovered this website where we can play online.  (And this one where you can play my favorite, Cut the Rope.)

I've spent all week printing out Angry Bird coloring pages for Little Guy who then colors them and insists I cut out all the birds and pigs.  We have dozens of Angry Bird bits of paper floating around our house.  So it was an awesome discovery at A.C. Moore (our local craft store) when we found Angry Birds coloring books for $1 each yesterday.  We got two.  I might need to go back for more since he's already colored a bunch of the pages.

*We're a little slow on these types of technological advancements.  It wasn't until earlier this week that Little Guy informed me the birds are angry because the piggies stole their eggs.  I seriously had no idea.  And when Angry Birds first became a hit, Little Guy called them the Mad Birds.  I sort of miss that.

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benniegirl said...

you might be angry-birded out but i saw this homemade game:
if you need just one more version...

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