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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The dreams

I remember reading about pregnancy resulting in weird dreams for the pregnant woman.  I don't remember them with my other pregnancies.  I've gotten to the point where my big ol' pregO belly (which, sadly, will get much bigger) necessitates me sleeping on my side.  I'm a belly sleeper, so this results in not so great nights of sleep for me.  And these nights of sleep are filled with crazy dreams, the details of which I usually remember (which also isn't common for me).  

I keep having one dream where my parents have gone out of town and asked me to feed their chocolate lab, Fenway.  I fail to remember to feed the dog for their entire vacation until they return at which point I'm freaked out that I've starved their dog to death.  Fenway enters the picture, sunken tummy with ribs sticking out, and for some reason, long gray eyebrow hairs (like the starvation has aged him).  He's alive but hungry.  Jed, my dream translator says I must be worrying about something I'm forgetting to do for my parents' trip out here soon.  I have a long list of stuff to do before they get here... it's not all done, but it's on the list.  What could I be forgetting?  OR, maybe I'm just concerned for the well-being of their beloved dog while they are away. 

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