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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Smoke Detectors

Making the cream topping for this, I left the stove for thirty seconds to come check the recipe on the computer.  Bad idea.  That's when the cream decided to start boiling, boiled all over the burner and filled the kitchen with smoke.  This is apparently the first time I've burnt anything in our new place (that's pretty good, right, no smoke in the kitchen for 7+ months) because I was surprised that no smoke alarm went off.  At our old place, whenever I used my grill pan I set off the smoke detector.  And it was maybe 30 feet away, by the front door.  I went looking for the smoke detector in this new place.  About the same distance, at the top of our stairs, so out of the kitchen and down a hall.  It didn't go off.  It turns out it is the only smoke detector on this floor of the house.  This is a HUGE contrast from the upstairs, where the bedrooms are, that looks like this:

This is extra fun when one of their batteries dies and it starts beeping and I have to drag a chair from smoke alarm to smoke alarm trying to figure out which is the culprit. 

Do you set off your smoke alarm often?  In my house growing up, making grilled cheese sandwhiches (or toastites as my mom calls them) in something like this always set off our smoke alarm.

On a related note, anyone have a nice smelling candle they want to bring over?  :)  Or I guess I should just hope that the delicious smell of oven baked peaches and cream french toast overwhelms the smokey smell.

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