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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Greatest Sugar Cookie: Cookie 14

Recipe from here.  Frosting recipe from here.

We made these sugar cookies I found on Pinterest for our Easter dessert.  I liked how easy there were (no refrigeration required) and I LOVED the tangy flavor the cream cheese added to the cookies.  Yum!

As for the frosting, I had high expectations (loving everything else from Our Best Bites), then I read the recipe which is unlike any other frosting I've made.  It was good.  But a little weird.  Maybe I'm not a big fan of butter cream frosting in general.  Princess Sparkley told me it was the best frosting I'd ever made, so I guess it won some of us over.  :)

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LisAway said...

The first time I ever tried that frosting I frosted a cake with it and did not care for it. Since then, I use it when I make homemade hostess cupcakes for the FILLING (think about it, isn't it quite similar? In a home-made sort of way? I think it works great) Or the only other way I have used it is to frost chocolate cake then topped with ganache. Then it's delicious. By itself, I just don't care for it (actually, to eat out of a bowl it's not bad, but not to be used as a buttercream frosting.

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