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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baseball Season!

I'm a little late on blogging about this, but I LOVE baseball season.  I forget how much I actually love it until Jed is watching a game online and I hear the sounds of baseball.  The organ.  The crack of the bat.  The announcers.  I can't wait until we get to go to a game this year.

Our family, 2002-2011 ball park pictures.  I'm pregnant with Princess Sparkley in the three 2002 pictures.  The stadia covered are: Dodger Stadium x2  (LA), Angels Stadium (Anaheim), Jack Murphy Stadium (San Diego), Kauffman Stadium x3 (Kansas City), Busch Stadium (St. Louis), Coors Field (Denver), Nationals Park (DC), Oriole Park (Baltimore), Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati), and Pfitzner Stadium (single A Nationals team).  I've also been to Fenway Park.  And that might be my entire list.  A lot, but not nearly enough. :)

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