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Thursday, March 01, 2012


Our poor lefty.  Jed and I are right-handed.  The two older kids are right-handed.  But, at four years old, it is pretty obvious that Little Guy is left hand dominant.  It turns out he's got a lefty great grandma, great uncle and my dad thinks that he was supposed to be left-handed but his elementary school teachers beat it out of him.  Jed and I keep hitting ourselves in the forehead for the dumb, right-handed things we do to him.

These are just from the past 6 months.
For instance, we realized a few weeks ago that we always put his cup on the right side of his plate, so the poor kid has to reach across his plate to get his cup with his left hand.  And the other night, he was dragging his left sleeve through ketchup as he reached across his plate to pick up a fish stick.  I quickly rotated his plate so it made more sense for a left-handed kid.

I read an article today about left-handed school supplies for kids. 
  • Scissors (yea, I finally ordered some for him a few weeks ago).  
  • Fancy pens that write more smoothly because a lefty is having to push, rather than pull their pencil/pen across the page.  
  • Spiral notebooks with the spiral on the right.  (An advantage of the fact that he's only four, and that he'll be homeschooled, is that if I don't want to, the kid never has to deal with a spiral notebook.  At least not for years and year to come.)
  • Pencil grips (but even righties need these).  

Now we just have to remember not to put his silverware, cup, pencil, etc. in front of his right hand. 


Andrea said...

Funny that these are some of the same things that we have been thinking about at our home! Anna thinks she is pretty special being a lefty and she is insistent that no one else uses her new lefty scissors. I'll have to check out those pencils.

wendys said...

We have the same deal with Eliza. I always accidentally hand her cups and utensils to her right hand. She has learned to use the computer mouse with her right hand because that's where it's placed! I got some sissors that are supposed to be ambidextrous. It is hard teaching her how to write / cut / anything that you do hand over hand to help out with because my left hand doesn't work that way!

julie said...

I feel guilty now. I have a lefty, but I haven't bothered to get her any lefty supplies! I will have to change that now after I've read this.

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