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Friday, March 30, 2012


I don't feel like I'm one to go all crazy on my blog (at least this one) about how fabulously awesome my kids are, but I'm a little astounded by this.  Little Guy can read.  He's four.  And no, he isn't memorizing the book, he's sounding out each word (or, he's memorized the sight words that can't be sounded out).  He's by no means an expert reader, but he's worked his way (with Jed) through the first half of the K12 Curriculum's phonics books for Kindergarten and a bunch of Bob books.

Here's the proof.  Keep in mind this was mid-December, so he was still three at the time.  And this was the first time he'd read this particular story, so he actually is struggling more than he normally does.  And asking more questions.  He's gotten better, I just don't have any new videos.  Add to my "to do" list, film Little Guy reading.  It's an 8 minute video, please don't feel the need to watch all (or any of it) unless you want to.


The other day at Target, he sounded out the word Ziploc while I was shopping.  And yesterday, he asked me where the Happy Birthday sign he'd colored the day before for his cousin went because he needed it to help write his new sign.  I'd thrown it away so I told him I could help him spell.  Then I asked what letters he'd already written (I was making dinner and he was at the table).  I figured he'd written H-A and maybe one P.  Nope, he'd written the entire word Happy.  The kid is a genius.  And the only letter he asked me how to make was a lower case T (he's recently become interested in lower case letters).  Now if only I could convince him to hold his pencil/crayon/marker correctly, we'd be set.

I give all the credit to his being the third kid with two older siblings that read and write, to Leapfrog Letter Factory dvds, and to Jed who sits down with him nearly every day to have him read to him.


Angela said...

This is amazing, and yet I'm not surprised. You guys are both geniuses and your other kids are brilliant too, so it's understandable! Can I send my kids to your house for school??

wendys said...

Great work on the parents end! I love it when their little brains are clicking away and making connections

Cristin said...

That's really neat. I'm going to try the BOB Books. What helped everything click for Luke with reading was Zoo phonics. Funny thing is, Charlie is only 3, but he writes way better than Luke did at that age because of this Leapfrog writing toy he got for Christmas. Best gift ever.

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