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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Greatest Sugar Cookie: Cookie 13

I suppose this sugar cookie isn't really in the running since it's a chocolate cut-out cookie.  But I feel like I should at least mention it.

Last time I made the Darth Vader cookies, I just dyed the dough black.  Eating a black cookie is a little gross (except to Little Guy).  This time I made a chocolate cookie following this recipe.

I didn't love them unfrosted.  They were a little too... unsweetened chocolate tasting to me.  I spread some vanilla frosting from a tub on one of the cookies and that was a huge improvement for me, sweetened it up.  Sort of like frosting on a chocolate flavored graham cracker.

Plus, I really hate baking cookies that you can't tell if they are done by their color.  These cookies baked for their alloted time, came out of the oven and went back to looking unbaked, so I stuck them back in for a few more minutes, probably over baking them. 

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