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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Greatest Sugar Cookie: Cookie 12

I think what started my obsession with sugar cookies was a trip to Utah when I was a kid, and a gas station that sold these individually wrapped, enormous Granny B pink sugar cookies.  I was old enough that I was a bit disturbed to read the nutritional label and discover that each cookie had a ridiculously high level of grams of fat.  I still devoured them.  Yum!  Since then, the Lofthouse or Lofthouse-style cookie than can be found at any store, decorated for any holiday, has been my substitute for Granny B's.  But after making all these sugar cookies in my search for the greatest one, I'm not really sure the thick, crumbly cookies like this are my favorite or not.  They're good, don't get me wrong.  But maybe not my preferred sugar cookie.

That being said, I found a recipe on Pinterest for Loft-house style cookies so I made a batch for our homeschool Valentine's Day party. (And, while looking up Granny B, I've found some copycat recipes as well.  My search is never ending!)

They were okay.  Not fabulous.  Not bad.  Jed described them of having a dense, cake-like consistency.  The kids enjoyed them, but I don't think they'd turn down a frosted sugar cookie no matter what.  The homeschool party loved them (two moms requested the recipe).  They are definitely thicker and fluffier than any of the other cookies I've tried.  And they definitely tasted better on day two at the party, all frosted up, than they did right after I made them.  If you like thick, fluffier sugar cookies, this might be your recipe.  I'm starting to think that everyone is going to love a different cookie, so this search might only benefit me.

Here's Little Guy at the party with his cookie all frosted up.

1 comment:

Mary Gray said...

I've never really found the perfect sugar cookie recipe, either. I shall have to remember Lofthouse, though. Thanks for the tip.

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