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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Facebook Status Updates

I have a billion random thoughts to share on Facebook today, but I try to limit how often I'm bombarding people on Facebook with my random thoughts. You poor souls who actually come to my blog, or subscribe to it in some sort of Google Reader feed, you're stuck with me.  Sorry. 
  • Buddy questioned me about when Mother's Day falls in relation to his birthday (after it).  Apparently it's because he needs something from Mother's Day so that they can do something on his birthday. It's a surprise, so he won't more fully explain it to me.  It did include the sentence, "Ah!  I don't want to have to buy you something just because." Thanks, son.
  • I need some Lego/computer nerd to invent a program where you can punch in which Lego sets you already own, and it comes up with a list of links to directions for other cool Lego things you can build.  I'm fine with Buddy loving Legos.  And he's super creative his own.  But I hate watching him save up $20 for a Lego set that he builds an 30 minutes and then refuses to take apart again.  I wish there were directions using all the random blocks we already have littering the floor of his room.
  • Every frosting I've made lately, Buddy has declared that it tastes like mint.  I'm not tasting it.  But I did realize last week that my mint extract tipped over in my baking drawer, and I think the smell of mint got on my powdered sugar bag.  But really, I still don't think any of the frostings have been minty.  Maybe he's got super power taste buds.
  • Improvised a taco salad for lunch with leftovers but didn't have any salad dressing that went with taco stuff, so used enchilada sauce and salsa. Now my mouth is on fire and my nose is sweating. I'm such a wimp.
  • Does anyone buy cheap ink refills online? Site recommendations?
  • Book Club. My house. Thursday at 7PM. Come with two book recommendations for the upcoming months and we'll discuss and decide. Plus, I'll be trying out a recipe for Lemon Crinkle Cookies. Join us!

  • Got in invite to a Sprinkle Shower.  Had to look up online what that meant.  Cute idea.  A smaller baby shower for a not-first-time-mom.


benniegirl said...

when we had an epson, i got all my ink (their version, not epson) at printpal.com. it worked great.
if you use code card15 after you add items to your cart, you actually save 15% off of your order.
we have an hp now and the least expensive ink i've found is just buying it from wal-mart.
good luck.
i hope you follow-up and let us know what book gets picked for book club.

Kristi said...

AMEN on the lego program.

The fact that your mint spilled is hard to ignore. He must have super taste buds.

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