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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bored Jars

I just typed up a list of things for a bored jar for the kids.  Now, when they come to me bored, I can direct them to the bored jar.  I looked around online and on Pinterest (mainly on Pinterest, it's made me lazy) for ideas to put in the jar.  What's with all the moms who included stuff like "bake a cake for a friend" and other, highly involved mom activities.  My bored jar is stuff to direct the kids away from me.  I'm not the one who is bored.  I don't need to drop everything I'm doing to help bake a cake because my kids are bored.  I suppose maybe those moms have older kids.  I could *probably* set Princess Sparkley loose with some sort of mix and not have it turn out horribly.  Except she won't break an egg.  And she can't put things in and out of the oven.  So... still, mom-involved.
Some of the activities in the jar are fun.  Some are not fun.  After I typed up "clean a toilet," PS, who had been reading over my shoulder ran off and had a frantic, whispered conversation with Buddy on the stairs.  Maybe they'll never tell me they are bored again for fear they'll get stuck cleaning a toilet.  And for that, the bored jar will have been worth it.


LisAway said...

Ha! That is such a good idea. Even if it goes unused. Or actually especially if it goes unused!

wendys said...

haha. I like the bored jar.

Kristi said...

Very funny. :)

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