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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School Weather

The kids and I have been working on a constellation project for school and today we broadened that out a bit to discuss the rotation of the earth and seasons.  Looking around online, I found a website that had a lesson set up which included comparing a northern hemisphere city's winter months to those same months in a southern hemisphere city.  The cities this particular website selected were San Francisco, CA and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  At first it didn't strike me as a completely meaningless comparison... at least as far as trying to teach the extremes to elementary aged children.  Then we looked at their average temperature graphs at Weather.com.

Rio de Janeiro's monthly temperature averages.

San Francisco's monthly temperature averages.

I realize these are different.  Slightly.  But both of these climates are SO mildly weathered compared to what I wanted to see.  It would only have been worse had it been Los Angeles compared to Rio, since L.A. in the winter is not quite as cold as San Francisco.  What I wanted to see was extremes, like this:

Melbourne, Austrailia.  This isn't even as extreme as I wanted to see but Weather.com didn't have graphs for most of the South American cities that I looked at.

Lawrence, KS.  I wanted to southern hemisphere extreme opposite of this.

I realize, this isn't very interesting to most/all of you.  It is what's been on my mind today, and like I said a few days ago, I have nothing else to blog about right now, so this is what you get.


delilas said...

I find it very interesting. I am LOVING having Linus in my Sunbeam class. He is so well behaved but so bright and has a longer than a ant attention span. I hope he likes being in there too. I try to make it a happy place.

wendys said...

Do Fairbanks, there is some extreme temperature there!

Lissa said...

What constellation project are you doing? We are starting astronomy tomorrow and I am looking for great ideas.

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