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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Almost Famous

The other day I did a Google search for "Ruby Redfort book" since Princess Sparkley has been waiting (sometimes patiently, sometimes impatiently) for its release for over a year now.  Ruby Redfort is the series that Clarice Bean reads in Lauren Child's (from Charlie and Lola fame) Clarice Bean books.  And now, Child has FINALLY written the first book in the new Ruby Redfort series.  But it doesn't come out in the US until March.  Still, PS is thrilled that at some point it will be available to her.  And I was a little excited that when you search "Ruby Redfort book," it brings up five images and numbers three and four are from my blog.  Number four is even handmade by yours truly!  It's like I'm famous!  Sort of. 


EmmaJ said...

Look at you!
At the top of a Google search! I would take the almost out our your title.

wendys said...

wow, impressive!

Heather Payne said...

LOL. Wow! Now you know that her excitement and anticipation over these books really is unparalled. My daughter mentioned that your daughter mentioned the books to her and mine asked me to google to see when it was coming out. Is your daughter getting any kind of a kick-back on these books?

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