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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Leaves

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We don't have any trees in our backyard, but all of our neighbors have huge trees that hang into our yard, meaning we still got a ton of leaves falling onto our lawn.  Jed and the boys went out back yesterday to rake.  When I came out to see how it was going, this is what I found.  Later in the day, the boys and I went out front to rake.  It ended up just Little Guy and I and I told him my secret.  That was the first time in my life that I can ever remember raking up fall leaves.  I grew up on 2 acres of avocado trees in California, so I've raked up avocado leaves.  But it's different than battling an ongoing season that will continually drop every leaf on the tree until there are no more leaves to fall. For instance, we looked out the back window this morning and saw that the lawn is partially covered in leaves again. And everytime I new leaf fell (as we were watching), Jed said, "Ah!"

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benniegirl said...

Does it bother you that you have to rake leaves from your neighbors' trees? We have a large tree in our front yard that gets into the yards of our neighbors on both sides and they both act incredibly annoyed. I rake one yard, mostly because she works all day and I don't want her to actually see me there raking. It feels like the right thing to do but this week, I got so worn out raking her yard that I wondered if I really have to...I'd love to know your thoughts about it.

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