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Thursday, November 17, 2011


I would probably get a better response to this if I posted it on Facebook*, but I'm a little unsure that I want to announce to everyone I know that I'm writing something that could someday amount to a novel.  So, I'm asking you guys. 
I need to know break-up stories.  But, specifically, I want break-up stories where the people ended up getting back together.  I want to know why the dumper broke up with the other person.  I'm assuming that because they end up back together, the dumper still had feelings for the dumpee, but I guess that assumption could be wrong.

If you want to respond but not on this thread, email me at: nanceisthewritingfish at gmail dot com

*I could get away with asking this question about prom on Facebook because no one had to know I was writing anything.  Feel free to answer it as well if you didn't already on Facebook.

Survery of proms: Do most proms involve a dinner? I know mine did. But other formal dances had you go out for dinner on your own and just show up for the dance.

The general concensus was that you went out to eat on your own, but it varied by school.  My prom fed us.  I remember the food sounding fancy, but I don't think it was actually especially great.


Alanna said...

Next time we hang out, remind me to tell you about the time evil ex-boyfriend dumped me for four days. It all started with him giving him his favorite movie-- no occasion, I was just being nice-- and then getting annoyed because he didn't bother to thank me. And then he broke up with me.

But because he was evil, this might not be helpful for your novel.

Oh, my high school prom did NOT include dinner-- you did that on your own beforehand, just like homecoming and tolo (our version of preference).

Good luck with the writing!!!!

Alanna said...

Whoops, gotta clarify that typo. I gave HIM his favorite movie. And then I was the one annoyed at the lack of thanks. And then he was mad that I was annoyed. And dumped me. Of course.

wendys said...

No dinner at mine. I don't have any break up and get back together stories. Just break up!

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

I, too, would like to know why the dumper broke up with the other person.

And it's not comforting that you think you "could be wrong" about the dumper still having feelings for the dumpee.

Cristin said...

I used to be the Queen of off again/on again relationships. Let's see, it was mostly distance (living apart because of school, jobs, etc.) I actually broke up with Erik for awhile because it just seemed weird to date him after I had dated his cousin for so long. I just felt really self-conscious about how that looked. Then, obviously, I got over it and we got back together.

Kristi said...

Proms in Chicago are pretty formal. They are usually held at a hotel with a nice dinner. We had way too much silverware for the average teen to know how to use. We all took limos to prom. We also all wore garters. There was a garter dance at the end of prom where the guy was supposed to take the garter off with his teeth. (kinda like weddings-I guess) The nice guys just took it off with their hands. Is that at all better?!? A lot of the girls made their garters and personalized it with a charm.

Erin said...

Kristi, that garter thing is so weird! I have never heard of that.

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