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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What. Is. This!?!

I think I've found something worse than the house centipede.  And faster.




It looks like a house centipede mated with a cricket.  I vacuumed one up in our "basement" the other day.  Then tonight, when I opened the back door down there to clear leaves from the drain so our "basement" didn't flood in the huge downpouring of rain we had, I saw this guy climbing up the door frame.  EEK!


Alanna said...

Pretty sure that thing is a cave cricket. I only know about them from Jen Evans-- I get all my bug info from her, since she's a native Virginian. Those and house centipedes are definitely the two bugs I fear the most... http://alannasmith.blogspot.com/2008/11/cricket-baseball.html

wendys said...

Double yuck

LisAway said...

Nasty!! Evie was telling us yesterday about a bug she had in her room when she was in New Jersey over the summer. We looked it up and it was a camel cricket (aka a cave cricket, as Alanna already pointed out). Oh man. I hate crickets (and even grasshoppers) so much already that this one almost makes me ill. ICK.

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