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Monday, October 03, 2011



  I am trying to remember how hot it was a couple months ago, and how much colder it still has to get.  47 degrees outside right now,  66 inside, and it took forever to convince myself to get out of my warm cozy bed this morning. 

  School starts.  We scaled down our "school day" during the summer, just doing reading, handwriting and math review, then that died on our Utah/California trip.  We came home to a new home we had to unpack and organize, so we started our school year a week late.  And, even then, I hadn't mapped anything out yet, we've just been reviewing the things we've forgotten over the summer (handwriting, spelling, reading, multiplication tables (PS) and double digit addition and subtraction (Buddy)) and working on Geography and Spanish.  Over the weekend I mapped out what we'll be studying in October so today, we officially are starting our PLANNED school year.  Princess Sparkley in 4th grade, Buddy in 2nd grade and Little Guy is starting homeschool preschool with the letter A.

  I still have a long list of stuff to do to get our new place all the way unpacked and all the way organized.  The middle level (dining room, kitchen, living room) is mostly all there and organized.  The upper level with bedrooms has some piles that need to be cleaned up, organized or attached to walls.  The lower level is 100% better than it was, but still has a few boxes to unpack, and A LOT of toys to organize... somehow.

  I start my reading list for 2011.  Pathetic, I know it being October and all.  So far I've read Franny and Zooey, a chapter of Beloved and I'm a few chapters in to reading the third Harry Potter aloud to the kids.  I've read.  A lot.  More than any year in the past.  But I've sort of ignored my list and read a lot of fun stuff instead.  Now I've got to buckle down and better myself with some classics.

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wendys said...

I am finally starting preschool with Eliza today, starting with letter A! I've been putting it off.

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