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Monday, October 10, 2011

"Every Child is an Artist."

My kids create enough "art" to take out a rain forest, so I've always needed a good art wall where I can display it.  In Kansas our door was metal so we'd magnet all their art to the back of the door.  I've thought before of pinning up some yarn and clipping the kids' art to it, similar to how a friend did it down her hallway in Kansas, but I'm loving these ideas.  The first is actually what our curtain rods are right now, from IKEA. 

from here

from here

I love the quote on this one... from here.
from here

from here
from here


Erin said...

I actually have the IKEA line up in my basement. It looks a lot neater than the rope upstairs. I wish that I had taken more digital pics of their artwork over the years. You are so good at doing that. IKEA is also a great source for cheap frames for their artwork.

wendys said...

I love those ideas.

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