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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cooking Mistakes

Via Pinterest, I found this article.

 I'm guilty of:
  2.  You don't read the entire recipe before you start cooking. I do this too often for it to be funny.  Case in point, last Friday I was taking a soup (that I'd never made before) to a woman from church who just had a baby.  The bottom two lines expressed that after you added the half and half you were supposed to let it simmer for an hour.  In all my looking the recipe over I never noticed this.  By the time I added the half and half, I had maybe 20 minutes before I needed to pour it into a giant bowl and deliver it to this ladies house.  Luckily, it still tasted fine.

  5.  You overheat chocolate.  I've learned my lesson though and I'm very careful when heating chocolate now.

  6.  You over-soften butter.  Guilty.  Often.

  But other than the ones I don't even understand (like number 21 shocking my vegetables) I do alright.  I even already bake my bacon in the oven because I always burn it on the stove.  How's your cooking?


wendys said...

I have NEVER successfully poached an egg.

Mary Gray said...

I still remember the first time I burnt chocolate in the microwave. It still makes me feel ill.

If wendys comes back, I found this nifty microwavable egg poacher at Albertson's a couple weeks back. Cooked my eggs to perfection...

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