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and wash your hands afterwards." --Robert Heinlein.

We've moved!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Place

The good:
  • Wood floors (especially under the table!)
  • Play/Bonus room downstairs
  • Unfinished workroom for Jed's office
  • Master bathroom
  • Bigger yard
  • Nicer neighborhood
  • Much quieter
  • Lots of storage space
  • A living room size and shape that makes more sense.
  • Rent is only about $20 more than our last place and we now have a lot more space.
  • Full sized washer and dryer in a laundry room.

The bad:
  • Super ugly from outside.  I don't particularly care for the look of this type of roof.  Oh well.  We like the inside.
  • Fleas.  We've already bombed the house twice and Jed still caught a flea on his arm this morning.
  • Neighbor next to our bedroom seems to use the TV as a white noise to fall asleep to all night.
  • Three levels of stairs is a bit tiring.
  • No blinds on any windows.
  • The bottom floor smells like dog.
  • More lawn to mow (and we only own an edger) but it appears the past renter left a lawn mower in the shed.
  • The kitchen leaves something to be desired, but it isn't teeny and it functions.
  • Full of boxes that I should be unpacking instead of blogging.


Alanna said...

You forgot to mention: WAY closer to where Alanna lives. I'll leave it to your discretion if that belongs under the "good" or "bad" list! ;P

EmmaJ said...

Blogging is way more important than unpacking. I am of the school of thought that you don't need to unpack it until you need to use it. Which is why I still have a packed box on a shelf in my kitchen.

Glad you are closer to us.

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