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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween Prep

Princess Sparkley: "What's the rule about when we can get out the Halloween decorations?"
Yep.  I have to have a rule for that sort of thing.  If there were no rules, chaos (or as PS says, "CH-A-Os*") would ensue.

My answer, "Not until October."  She thinks this means October 1st.  What it really means is that on October 1st, the rule may allow it, but maybe (most definitely) I'll say it has to wait until - fill in the blank.  That's the way I roll.  I'm not going to drop everything on October 1st to decorate for Halloween when there are still boxes to be unpacked.

Speaking of boxes to be unpacked... two Halloweens after we moved to Kansas, so, October 2006, we couldn't find our Halloween decorations box.  We had a storage unit.  It was buried somewhere in there.  It was more work than necessary to dig through all of our stuff.  That year we made cheap decorations out of paper plates, yarn and construction paper.  And it turns out those decorations are among my kids' favorites that they never want me to throw out.  But... contrary to Jed's belief, we are not all hoarders (although it's too soon to say for the kids) and I've had to throw a lot of them out as they've gotten torn, faded or lost.  But because they were fun.  And cheap.  And kid-friendly.  And because I keep coming across new, similar Halloween decoration ideas, I thought I'd share some with you.

Here are some we did that year we couldn't find our decorations:
This is the only picture I can find to show our Halloween cats, bats and ghosts.  The cats and bats were just cut out free-hand by me and glued together by the kids. 
Here's a better shot of the ghosts... paper plates with a spiral cut.  And cute 2 1/2 year old Buddy.

from here (although we strung our yarn more haphazardly)

And here are the new crafts I'm excited to make this year:
from here
from here

from here

There aren't a lot of crafts here, mostly costume ideas and Halloween treats, but be sure to check out all my old Halloween posts here.

*It's impossible to try to spell it out phoenetically the way she says it... basically, she says it the way it looks and not at all the way it is supposed to be pronounced.  It's awesome.  She's a reader that girl.


Leslie said...

Super Cute Idea!!

Susan Case said...

You are so creative! Love the photos. I'm getting my Halloween decorations out today. It's October! I may even dress up myself this year. My brother mailed me an old vintage dress he found at a garage sale. I tried to give it to my granddaughter to wear to homecoming. She ran away screaming. Oh well, guess I'll just keep it and be a fairy godmother for church Truck or Treat. Just need a wand and pointy hat.

Kristi said...

Love the ideas!

Pottery Barn Kids has a way-cute owl costume. I think of you every time I see something with owls. I don't know if you continue to like them or not, but you mentioned it a post long ago.

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