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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cedar Mountain

The first week of our vacation was spent in the mountains above Cedar City, Utah at my parents' cabin.  While there we visited Duck Creek, Duck Creek Village, Bryce Canyon National Park, Cascade Falls, Aspen Mirror, Navajo Lake and Brian Head.  We ate at In N Out Burger in Las Vegas, NV and 25 Main for cupcakes in St. George, Utah.  Then we ate at In N Out Burger in Washington (St. George), Utah on our way to California.  I think the trip would have been better for Jed if he'd been able to eat at In N Out a few more times.  :) And, Princess Sparkley turned nine surrounded my her grandparents, her family and my brother's family while we were up at the cabin.


Andrea said...

Did you love Bryce Canyon? I think it's my favorite National Park (or maybe it's Yellowstone or Arches--can't decide!).

EmmaJ said...

Great family picture in the middle. Glad Sparkley had a good birthday. She was missed at Activity Days.

wendys said...

Such a beautiful area! I love Bryce Canyon.

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