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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Back Again

We've been out of town for almost two weeks.  We started in Richmond with family while Jed attended an economics thing at the University of Richmond.  Then we headed to Ohio to visit Jed's parents.  During our trip we saw: Jed's sister and her family, Jed's parents, Jed's younger brother and his family, Jed's maternal grandparents and an aunt and uncle.  Not bad.  We also:

Wright Patterson AFB Museum
Made it on the Jumbo-tron at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati and saw some great fireworks!
Raided Grandma's basement for Star Wars paraphernalia.  Meet Darth Little Guy.
Visited Grandma's city pool where the big kids had a ton of fun going down the slides.  There was even a little slide for Little Guy (but he was still grumpy some of the time).   
Highest Point in Indiana: Hoosier Hill
Went on a fun family walk Sunday evening along an old canal towpath.

Visited the Ohio High Point.
Stopped in Pittsburgh on the way home and took a ferry over to Jed's grandparents' island cottage to say a quick hello.

This isn't even counting all our new counties (I'm sure Jed will get around to that on his blog) and the fact that Jed and I finished West Virginia... meaning we've now been to every county in West Virginia.  And the other good news, we've run out of exciting ways to travel to and from Grandma and Grandpa's in Ohio so either they need to move, or we get to go there the normal way from now on.


EmmaJ said...

That sounds like a fun trip!

wendys said...

Cool. I want to take a 2 week vacation!

Kristi said...

Nothing better than summer trips!

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