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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Snow Cones!

The American Girl of the Year... or whatever, right now is Kanani.  Princess Sparkley is obsessed.  We've been having Hawaiian parties and pretend snow cones for a few months now. 

Buddy LOVES shaved ices.  Whenever we go to our local ice cream shop, he gets a shaved ice.  I don't think he's ever gotten an ice cream there, while the rest of us have never tried the shaved ice.

Buddy decided last week that he wanted to buy a snow cone machine.  We looked into it, he had enough money but I'm one of those mean moms who usually doesn't even let her kids spend their money on what they want.  I wanted him to save it up for something big, or possibly for our upcoming trip to California and Disneyland knowing that he'll be bugging me to buy him souvenirs as soon as we get off the plane.  Then we happened to be at Target and we priced the snow cone machines.  This one is $19.99 and currently 50% off (it's on the seasonal summer stuff aisle). 

So... he bought it and is now the proud owner of a snow cone maker.  He's LOVES it.  And it's super easy (and cheap).  You put in 5-6 ice cubes and press the lid.  And we made our own syrup (thanks for the tip, Erin), although I think I'll try just juice or root beer next to be a bit healthier than Kool Aid and sugar.


wendys said...

I love shaved ice too! I got a little machine for a my birthday a few years back.

Erin said...

Have you tried sweetened condensed milk with a snow cone? It is really yummy. then you get that creaminess that is so good like ice cream. I made one last weekend with sprite, grenadine, and the sweetened condensed milk. It was tasty.

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