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Sunday, July 24, 2011


I started running last week.  I figured since I failed to achieve my goal last year of running a mile straight without stopping, and it was already July, I better get a move on.  I tried a few months ago when it was still cool and my self-diagnosed asthma didn't do well with the cold.  This week, I walk/ran four times, each time just under two miles (never running a mile straight) and then it got too hot to go outside... maybe ever again.  Those four times I went in the morning when it was still in the 80s.  I'm not sure the 80s have existed in the past four days and if it did, it was probably three in the morning.

Right now, it's 94, feels like 102.  And sadly, today is the coolest of the past four days.  This is my ten day forecast.  At least it is better than last week.

This is my mom's ten day forecast.  Sometime next Monday she'll probably complain to me about how hot it is... at 78.  But we're headed here soon, so I hope the 70 degree weather holds up!


wendys said...

Keep going, you can do it! Tiffany has asthma, you can ask her how to cope with that. As for the heat, that just stinks all around!

EmmaJ said...

You can come see if my treadmill still works if you want. It is our nice and cold basement.
I have a goal like yours but with swimming. At age eight I swam a mile, and when I was in high school I could easily swim 2 miles at a time. I miss swimming. I hate that it costs $8 a pop to go to the Freedom center. Maybe when I win Publishers Clearing House next month I'll get an annual pass with the child care add-on.

Alanna said...

Yeah, I never understood why people owned treadmills until this week! I only made it out once, and I'm not sure this week will be much better!

But you should come work out with Vangie and us!!! It's great fun and she makes us work hard!

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