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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Greatest Sugar Cookie: Cookie 10

For the end of the season T-ball party the coach ordered pizza and asked parents to bring a side dish or a dessert.  I figured the parents would all be bringing healthy side dishes, and desserts are my favorite anyway, AND, my mom had just sent me this link showing how to decorate sugar cookies to look like baseballs.  So I brought sugar cookie baseballs.  They joined two other kinds of cookies and a cake.  The only other food there besides pizza was a bag of carrots with ranch dressing and a bag of chips. 

I followed a new recipe because even though I'm to the point where every recipe (except a choice few) tastes delicious, I still have several more I haven't tried yet.  On first taste, I wasn't super impressed with these.  But then I had tons leftover because of all the other desserts and the party so the leftovers stuck around for a few days I ended up really liking them when they were a day or too old and softer.

Notes: Watch the cooking time.  I had to take some of my batches out early because they were getting to crispy on the edges and I'm not a crispy cookie kind of girl.  And the frosting... the recipe with the cookies didn't work for me at all.  I left out the egg yolk (!) and the 5-6 cups of powdered sugar seemed outrageous.  I added three and it was so thick I ended up adding more milk.


Stephen said...

Cookie 10! I can't believe yo have tried that many recipes. You are so diligent. They looked great.
I went and read the frosting recipe and I am sure egg yolk is a typo. It would turn the frosting yellow! A lot of frosting have egg whites in them though, and I really hope that is what she meant.

EmmaJ said...

And that was me, not Stephen leaving that comment. I am pretty sure he would know nothing about frosting.

Alanna said...

How am I never around for all these cookie experiments????

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