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We've moved!

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Friday, July 29, 2011


So... due to crap neighbors (ARGH!) who left suddenly a day before an eviction notice appeared on their door, we had to move all of our belongings 2-3 feet from the exterior walls so pest control could come spray bug killer of some sort.  And the basic set-up of most rooms is to have stuff along the walls, right?  And on some of those walls are our books.  Hundreds and hundreds of books.  Like this:

To move the bookshelves without breaking them, we'd have to unload them. And if I was unloading the books and packing them up, we should just move.  Like that line of thought?  We've wanted to anyway, and this, among other things, pushed me over the edge and caused me to jump on board with Jed, in his great desire to move out of here.  Our lease is up Sunday (but all the potential places to rent we've set up have fallen through so far, the main one being a landlord that wanted to charge us $50 for phone calls regarding maintenance, which I'm pretty sure is illegal).  We're now on a month to month lease.  And packing.  Now I'm a bit busy, because this, among other things, takes time.  Plus, I think we're going to cancel our internet so they'll beg us to come back and offer us a reasonable rate.  So... this may be it for awhile.  Although, having said that, I'll probably have wonderful blogging ideas all weekend and week because of it.


delilas said...

I hope you like our ward well enough to try to stay in its boundaries. It would be sad if you don't stay. We need another house come available like the Cramer's house.

wendys said...

I want to pack up and move too! I hope you find a good place.

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