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Thursday, June 23, 2011


This summer we're visiting: West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.  Unfortunately they are all states we've already been to.  (See picture of Princess Sparkley's cool Girl Scout vest state patch.)  We almost got to go to Atlanta, Georgia for a layover on our flight from here to Las Vegas.  Instead, our flight is DC to LAX to Las Vegas.  Which is sort of funny because we're only flying into Las Vegas to make it easier for my parents (who live 1 hour from LAX) to pick us up and take us to their cabin in southern Utah.  After a week or so at the cabin, we'll be driving back to LA for the rest of our visit.  So we almost got Georgia, but not this time.

I'm super excited to be going to California.  We moved from there in September 2005 and the last time our whole family visited California was January 2007.  So, Jed and the big kids haven't been to California in more than 4 1/2 years.  I don't think Buddy remembers it at all, he was only 17 months when we moved and coming up on 3 when we visited.  Little Guy and I flew to California for a wedding in March of 2008 but that was still 3+ years ago, and he was less than two months old.  So, I'm excited.  Actually, that might be an understatement.  I'm WAY excited!  We're already making lists of the places we want to see, where we want to eat, things we want to do, people we want to see.  Woo hoo!


EmmaJ said...

that is an awesome patch! Have fun on your travels. So glad you are getting to go out and visit your family.

delilas said...

Where do you find a patch like that? I am excited for your family to go to CA and SUT. and for a whole month. You will either be so ready to come home or you will wish you could move back in a heartbeat. Have a great trip.

julie said...

I'm in AZ . . . and so are two other London folks! Are you stopping by or passing through?

Aimee said...

Yes, please, a London reunion in AZ!!! It won't be quite the same - probably no rain or overcast days, and no waving to the Queen Mum, but there WILL be Cadbury's!!!

wendys said...

Sounds like fun!

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