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Monday, June 13, 2011

High School

My dream last night involved hanging out with a bunch of the friends we (Jed and I) had in high school.  And then this morning, I realized that I graduated from high school fifteen years ago today!  I remember when it seemed like people who has been out of high school fifteen years were old.  Shoot, I still think that people who graduated fifteen years ago are old, I just can't believe how quickly fifteen years passed by. 


wendys said...

Yikes that means I graduated 14 years ago? What in the world have I been doing with my life! Crazy.

EmmaJ said...

I quickly had to do some math to see when I graduated... 13 years for me. Even though I liked high school I feel like I wasted a dream if I dream about people from then (well the ones who aren't still my friends.)

Malissa said...

So true. My neice was born my senior year of high school and now she has graduated from high school herself. When I think about life that way, I feel old. But, for now, my kids keep me young!

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