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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Summer

My kids started their new summer journals yesterday.  We spiffed them up a bit with spray glue and scrapbook paper.  Princess Sparkley chose sea shell paper (anticipating hitting the beach later this summer when we get to go to California!!).  Buddy chose a bright sparkly blue design.  Little Guy chose Thomas the Tank Engine paper and I made him a little book with printer paper stapled inside.  My goal is to let them draw a lot, write a lot, and include a lot of photographs.  Which means I have to actually get prints made (or buy color ink for the printer) of some of our summer adventures.  There are also some great journal ideas here and here and here

Mostly, we all need to get in the habit of being better journal writers.  But also, Princess Sparkley needs to work on her handwriting and capitalization skills.  And Buddy needs to work on his handwriting and spelling.  Little Guy, is just enjoying drawing and writing so much lately that he'll probably have the most fun with this.  He can even write his own name all by himself, half the time he writes it completely backwards, but he's also our only lefty so maybe we have some kinks to work out.

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