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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Camping Necessities

On Jed and my recent camping trip, we borrowed everything from his sister except a tent and two sleeping bags.  We didn't even remember to bring our hot dog fork (the only other camping supply we own), but that was okay as she supplied us with everything we could possibly need. 

While on the trip, we were making mental notes of the things we'll need to own for future family camping trips.
  • camping stove (and pots, pans and utensils)
  • pie iron (because I want one)
  • camping chairs for the family
  • lanterns
  • better sleeping bags for two (possibly all three kids)
  • air mattress and pump
  • foam sleeping pads  (for the kids)
  • a screen house!!!

A screen house is high on my list.  Here we are sitting in it, reading books, remaining completely unbothered by bugs (which we could hear buzzing around trying to figure out how to get in).   The only bugs that made their way in were caterpillars.  We kept driving past other campsites where people were sitting in the shade versions of these, but without the netting to keep bugs out.  WHY!?!  This was completely awesome and made the camping trip 100 times more tolerable than it would have been otherwise.  Mosquitoes love me.  Bugs freak me out.  I came home completely mosquito bite free.  Yea!


Andrea said...

A screen house would be high on my list, too.
What's a pie iron?

Lia said...

I got my screen tent just before Labor day at 75% off. They go on clearance at the end of the season.

EmmaJ said...

That screen tent sounds cool. I want one now.

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