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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yearly Photos

I have always been really good about the kids' doctor check-ups and yearly photos.  But now I've slacked.  Princess Sparkley turns nine in August and we still haven't gone in for her eight year old check-up.  Buddy turned seven last month, and I'm hoping I remember to schedule him a seven year old check up soon.  Little Guy is luckily still little enough, and gives us reason for a little bit of worry, that he doesn't miss check-ups... yet.

As for photos, Rachel took our family picture and some great photos of the kids in June of 2009 just before we left Kansas.  Princess Sparkley's and Buddy's that she took are still their most recent, professional pictures.  I took Little Guy in to JCPenney for his two year old picture (again, he's still little and the difference between 18 months and two is huge where as seven to eight is not so much).  But Little Guy turned three in January and I just haven't gotten around to it.  Jed told me I need to just take one myself (the free route) so while we were out exploring with Jed's family when they were in town for his graduation, I snapped some pictures of the kids. 

Little Guy had his lip out and for whatever reason, refused to look at the camera.  Buddy did wonderfully.  I actually got a few good pictures of him.  Princess Sparkley is just looking at me with attitude.  And really, I think she's looking over my shoulder, waiting for me to be done taking the picture so she can move on with her life.

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wendys said...

After the kids are done with shots at 2, I don't do the well child check ups. I will do one before the girl starts kindergarten but my boy hasn't been in 2 years since before he started kindergarten! I keep track of their height and weight myself.

I like those pictures you took! I am all about free pictures.

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