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Monday, May 02, 2011

Summer Dessert

Recipe here

This looks super fancy but is very simple and yummy.  The downside: both pound cake* and raspberries are expensive.  Although, you could use a cheaper fruit.  Strawberries or blueberries would be yummy.  I actually made two of these, one with a frozen Sara Lee pound cake, one with a Target bakery pound cake.  Both similarly priced (just under $4). The frozen pound cake sliced better so my actual dessert slices looked like the one above.  I don't recommend letting it thaw for 30 minutes before eating.  That just made the ice cream melt more and it fall apart more.  And the raspberries, while tasty, are still frozen solid, even with the 30 minute thaw.  This makes it sound like a bad recipe, I liked it.  I just ate another slice for my lunch dessert.  But I wish there was some special formula to keep the raspberries soft while the ice cream stays frozen.

*Wendy pointed out that I could buy a pound cake mix.  I did look at the store and didn't see one but they do exist.  There are also a lot of recipes for pound cake online.  Next time I think I'll try this recipe or this one or this one.


wendys said...

What about using a pound cake mix? Does that work?

delilas said...

I have a pound cake recipe that has been tested, I will get you the recipe. Also when raspberries on in season I will sneak you some. :D

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