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Monday, May 02, 2011


Jed and I are going camping, without the kids, later this month as a cheap way to get away and celebrate our anniversary.  Throughout our marriage, we slowly started acquiring camping stuff.  But we sort of stalled after sleeping bags and a tent.  We do own one mess kit/cooking set and a hot dog fork, but that's basically so Jed and Buddy (and now Little Guy) can survive a Father/Son Campout.  We've never actually gone camping as a family.  Girl's Camp aside, I don't think I've ever gone camping.  My family owned a tiny motor home when I was a kid and we usually just trekked up to our primitive cabin with a gas stove, etc.  This camping trip will be sort of a dry run without the kids to figure out what we're doing.  I was sort of liking the idea of snacking for breakfast and lunch and then after one night of hot dogs, finding a restaurant somewhere for dinner on the other nights.  But then I sort of got excited about camping meals (it doesn't take much to get me excited about new recipes, and this is an area I've never tackled).

I've found tin foil dinner recipes (this one with a hint about potatoes), camping steak, omelet in a bag (which I've made before at home and are delicious, but then I read that boiling the plastic bag isn't good... but for a campfire meal, I think I'll let that slide), and I grew up making grilled cheese sandwiches in a pie iron in our kitchen.

What other camping tips do all you experts have for me?


Alanna said...

Craig got the idea from someone that when you make foil dinners, wrap them in foil, then wrap that in newspaper, and then wrap the entire thing in another layer of foil. The extra insulation keeps the dinner from burning and they turn out PERFECTLY. It's worked every time!

Enjoy camping!

wendys said...

How fun! The kids are going to miss out. There are lots of fun things you can do for meals. We subscribe to backpacker magazine which has a lot of fun recipes we are going to try out this summer. Here is their website, with a recipe archive: http://www.backpacker.com/article/topic/?action=custom&bp=topic_article&tag=Recipes

I will let you know which ones are good after this summer! Are you car camping or backpacking in some where?

p.s. A good thermarest air mattress, zero degree sleeping bag and camping pillow all help me to love camping.

Andrea said...

I think it was in Family Fun this month that had tons of ideas for different foil dinner ideas.

I love using my dutch oven. You can borrow it if you'd like. There are so many good recipes out there. We do the baggie omelettes a lot. You can't go wrong with smores--we like to switch out the chocolate bar with pb cups or almond joys (or whatever your favorite is).

Have fun!!

Andrea said...

Oh...and an air mattress. Ear plugs. Bug spray. Games. If you're going to Shenandoah, we have some good hiking guides.

Heather Payne said...

And you will have a pie iron, too. A double one. You can go crazy. Also, a little propane stove to cook over if you want to use it for breakfast, etc.

The last time we went we made s'mores using Nutella on the grahams and then adding the marshmallows. It was yummy and worked well. Much easier than trying to melt the chocolate squares.

Oh, and you can also use our little egg suitcase to take eggs if you want. We loved that when we were kids.

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