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Monday, April 04, 2011

Why Three Year Olds Are Awesome

They say stuff like this:

"Is it windy enough to blow away a three year old?"

"Is a potty called a toilet?"

"Never mind, it was just a BIG FAT TOOT!"

When, on a hike, Jed (carrying Little Guy in a backpack) fell up to his thighs into a stream, Little Guy hollered out very earnestly, "My pants almost got wet!  And my boots!"

Little Guy: "Why are we walking here?"
Me: "For a fun hike in nature."
Little Guy: "Are we going to see lions?"
Me: "No." 
Little Guy: "Why not?"
Me: "Lions are only in Africa."
But it actually seemed like he was disappointed that we wouldn't be encountering any lions.

While he and I were falling desperately far behind in a one mile kids' fun run that my sister-in-law's neighborhood organized.
Little Guy: "We lost all those kids."
A little bit later.
Little Guy: "Those kids lost us."

While he's pretending to be a dog, he sits down for a snack of applesauce.  He proceeds to try to lick the applesauce out of the little cup, but can't figure out how to do that without dipping his chin into the applesauce.  I explain to him that he needs to use his spoon.  He explains to be that he's Snoopy.  I explain to him that Snoopy seems like the type of dog who is probably very talented and can use his hands.  He agrees and tells me, "Yeah, he uses his top paws like they are hands!"


wendys said...

Three year olds can be amusing! It makes up for the difficult times. Almost.

Kristi said...

Three year olds are awesome.

My favorite is "Is it windy enough to blow away a three year old?" That's quality enough to be quoted for years.

Angela said...

Kiss his hilarious cheeks for me!

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