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Friday, April 22, 2011

Perfect Eggs

This may be a little late for those of you who are on the ball and already boiled your Easter eggs for dyeing.  Me, I just realized this morning that we need to dye them tonight or tomorrow morning and frantically hard boiled some eggs this morning.  The second pot of eggs, I totally forgot to go back and check to lower their temperature once they started boiling.  Luckily, making hard boiled eggs is not my specialty, and a couple of Christmases ago Jed got me this Egg-Perfect Egg-Timer.  This thing is awesome.  When I ran into the kitchen to find my second pot of eggs boiling frantically and the egg-timer dark all the way to the middle (meaning: hard boiled) I was worried that this batch of eggs was going to be all gray yolked and gross.  It wasn't!  It was perfect.  I love this thing.  Even when I forget to pay attention, it worked (which may have been a fluke, but I'm saying it was magic).

Buy it here


EmmaJ said...

That's cool. I am really bad at hard boiled eggs. I learned a trick in the restaurant I worked at; bring water to a boil, add eggs (gently), cover and lower temp to low, set timer for 10 mins. Once done ice right away. If you want to take the shells off (obviously not for dying) add lots of salt because that helps the shells slip off.
And that was probably more info than you needed since you have that handy timer, but if you every lose it, now you know.

Kristi said...

I need one!

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