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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Oufits

I was going to make Princess Sparkley this skirt, but wanted to use some fabric I already owned (trying to thin down my massive collection of fabrics) and I didn't own an entire yard of any one fabric.  Nor am I handy enough to attempt a patchwork (of sorts) skirt.  So I found this pattern and it was super easy (and I even did the more complicated version).  You'll recognize the fabric (the inside of the cherry blossom skirt is the polka dot fabric on top of this skirt) from last year's Cherry Blossom Festival bubble skirt, that never quite worked right for PS's height and skinniness. 

I have a hard time convincing Buddy or Little Guy to wear a sweater vest... ever, plus I couldn't find one in brown.  But I LOVE them.  And I knew pink was definitely out.  So I headed to Old Navy and found Buddy a nice dark brown polo shirt.  I was hoping they'd have a similar one in the toddler sizes, they didn't (quite).  So then I was hoping that the extra small in Buddy's sizes would work for Little Guy, but they didn't have an extra small (and I think it would have been way too big anyway).  I looked around at a few other stores and saw nothing.  (Until after I made the tie and I looked again at Target and found a brown and white striped polo shirt.)  A friend on Facebook had linked to this little boy tie tutorial last week, but it involves some sewing by hand (I am only a passable seamstress with a machine, but by hand, I sew like a 6 year old).  Today, after failing at finding a 3T/4T brown polo, I decided to sew a tiny tie for Little Guy.  I did some research, and found this tutorial, which was perfect for me.  He often claims pink as his favorite color (although at the store when I held up a pink polo shirt, he told me he wouldn't wear it because "pink is for girls"), so I told him the pink dots were Easter eggs, and that seemed to assure him that this tie was cool.

The tie.


Princess Sparkley asked why Jed and I ever match them.  So we tried this year.
The skirt.

Happy Easter!
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