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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Does it seem like every blog you read lately is about a blogger who among other things, also runs?  And runs races with friends wearing a sparkly skirt?  It's like ten years ago when all of a sudden book clubs took off and every woman you knew was in a book club.  I guess I'm just bitter because I don't run.  I don't have friends I could run with if I did run.  And I would never run in public in a sparkly skirt. 

I began my first semester of college immediately after high school graduation.  I signed up for a freshman English class, a class I can't remember... religion maybe, and Beginning Jogging.  I figured it would be an easy class, right?  It was called BEGINNING Jogging.  I was 18 and while I didn't run, I was still fit and capable.  Then I showed up to class.  Enter me, who hasn't had a PE class since freshman and sophomore years of high school, and even then, when we "ran" laps every Friday, I walked laps while gabbing with my friends.  Enter everyone else in BEGINNING Jogging, high school track and cross country stars.  Great.  Also, to mix things up, I went from living at 430 feet above sea level to living at 4549 feet above sea level.  And I'm pretty sure I've always had undiagnosed asthma. 

Sometimes we met as a class to discuss technique and healthy running habits.  We had to run independently outside of class on the days we didn't have class.  I could do that.  But then we also ran as a class.  This meant that I was literally an entire college campus behind the rest of my classmates.  The teacher would come and check on me and I'd assure him that I wouldn't get lost and could find my way around.  The most pathetic thing is I ended up later taking a health/PE combo class that eliminated the need for me to have ever taken the Beginning Jogging class.  Argh.

One of my goals last year was to run a mile without stopping.  I'm a fair weather runner, so I like it to be a nice temperature to run.  Which means that I didn't do so great with my goal since it was either way too hot, or way too cold most of the year.  For awhile I was running sort of regularly and got to where I could run about 1/2 a mile without stopping.  Then winter came.  Now that it's warmed up I've mapped out a route around my parking lot that's a quarter mile, so I can run it four times with the kids locked inside, alone but safe and with me in their view.  I tried it out the other day.  Asthma attack.  I tried again the next day.  Asthma attack.  It's so frustrating because running/jogging is the only form of exercise I have any patience for (and doesn't require coordination or ability that I don't have) and I'm finding myself unable to do it.  I had the thought this morning that I'll just have to walk and walk fast, but that seems so slow and I have no patience for that either.  At least it's staying light longer now so maybe the kids and I can get out on a walk together and I can wear them out for bedtime.


wendys said...

I've noticed the same thing. Running has been very therapeutic for Tiffany and she has been dragging me along. You'll have to ask her how she deals with her asthma. She seems to have adjusted well moving from CA to UT. She has signed us up for a 5K mud run this summer, which are supposed to be funner than regular runs.

Alanna said...

Your beginning jogging class sounds like my French 101 class. I was the ONLY student there who hadn't already taken four years of high school French. And it turns out that my three years of Japanese had NOT prepared me for French! Man, that was miserable.

And just for the record, I hate running. I always tell people that I think it's an unnatural act, unless it's to the bathroom or away from bears. So while I applaud your efforts, I will not be volunteering to be your running partner! I'd rather walk or ride a bike...

Jill Footey said...

I walked with friends during high school runs, too. In my college fitness class, I couldn't run the 1 1/2 mile-run we were required to do. I could do biking, aerobics, etc. but I didn't seem to have the lung capacity to run so my mom wrote a note about my arthritis flaring up (the story I told her at age 19-ha ha) and I got out of it. I've always been a little embarrassed about it. I started willingly running at age 28 and the first time I ran for 4 minutes, threw up, and stopped for the day. It got better-I had to use it to manage stress but I occasionally take a summer off or a winter off and completely lose my abilities and it's tough to get motivated to get going again. You have to do whatever it is that works best for you. If it's not running, I don't think that decreases your value as a person at all!!! You are raising great kids and in the end, that's what really matters.

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