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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


When I map out my menu for the week, I tend to plan through Monday because then I don't have to grocery shop first thing after the weekend.  So, I'm a little slow this week, but I'll recap for you.

Monday: Chuck E. Cheese's (an older couple in the ward invited to treat us to Chuck E. Cheese's so we could get to know another family with kids the same age as our kids that are supposed to start coming to church).  This is the first time I've gone to Chuck E. Cheese's since Princess Sparkley was a baby and we went with Brandon's brother and his kids.  I think.

Tuesday: Pork Tacos   And I used a crockpot (since I don't own a dutch oven) on high for 5-6 hours.
Review: Yum, except I'll salt it less in the future

Wednesday: Curry. 
Review: This didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked, and I don't have a link for the recipe anyway so I won't share.

Thursday:  Orange Cream Waffles (I tore this recipe out of a magazine who knows how long ago.  I can't find it online but it's a Florida's Natural grower's recipe.  I'll post it later if it's any good.  I just love Creamsicles and breakfast for dinner.)
Review:  Weird.  They tasted good, but were floppy and sort of soggy, which doesn't make for a good waffle.

Friday:  Crepes - As we're winding down the homeschool year (sort of) and have run out of health lessons, we've plugged in life skills (shoe tying, cake frosting, etc.)  This week is "cooking skills."  We've talked about cooking (the basics they already know from helping me bake for years) and today they each picked out a recipe to make this week.  Buddy picked crepes (I think because the crepes in the picture are filled with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries... a dream come true for him if he can manage to get all of these, and a cut up banana in his bowl of Cheerios.  He calls this Grandma's kind of Cheerios after my mom introduced it to him after Little Guy was born and she was visiting). 
Review: Although in retrospect, this should have been a healthy dessert rather than a meal.

Saturday: Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos
Review: YUM!

Sunday:   Pioneer Woman's Lasagna  
(I've become famous for this recipe.  I made it for a family at church whose husband/dad was recovering from surgery.  This was the first non-hospital meal he had.  He then praised it from the pulpit to our small church congregation and then later to the larger area congregation.  He said it's the best lasagna he's ever had and he's been to Italy three times.  His wife has already gotten the recipe from me.)
Review:  I should note that I blend the stewed tomatoes so there aren't big chunks (otherwise my kids would not eat this).
Dessert: Princess Sparkley's recipe pick - Chocolate covered bananas
Review: I haven't tasted these yet, but I'm mad at Paula Deen.  First, she only calls for 1 TBSP milk and 2 cups chocolate chips.  I had to use at least 5 or 6 TBSP milk ( I lost count) and then the chocolate mixture was too hot.  And it was still thick and it was just a disaster.  Next time I'll just freeze the bananas and squirt Magic Shell over them, like this.

Monday:Thai-Style Chicken with Noodles
Review:  Not great.  Well, it had potential, but as is... not great.  Not enough flavor.  It was very similar to this recipe and all these reviews said the recipe was fabulous, if you tweaked the recipe the way they did.  So, next time I'll follow a bunch of reviewers tweaks (especially doubling or tripling the sauce). 
Dessert: PW's Angel Sugar Cookies  which I came across again here after originally making them from the PW cookbook I checked out from the library about a year ago.  Full review coming soon.

And because I went recipe crazy this week... more.
Tuesday: Pioneer Woman's Alfredo Sauce

Wednesday: Cheesy Chicken Empanadas

Thursday: Lemon Chicken


wendys said...

I will have try a lot of those! Thanks.

Cristin said...

I really like when you post your menu and where you got the recipes from. I'm going to try that PW Lasagna. I just got her cookbook in the mail. Yum.

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