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Monday, March 28, 2011

Map Art

Jed LOVES maps.  (And therefore, so do the rest of us.)  I already have a sort of globe thing going on above our one bookshelf, so this seems perfect for our family. 

From Little Birdie Secrets guest posted here and originally here

This is going on my list of projects to tackle some day.  Or possibly, to make Jed tackle some day.  I seriously love it.


EmmaJ said...

That's really cool, but would Jed let you cut up a map to make it?

Myk said...

That's a great idea

Erin said...

I also love the idea of decorating with maps. I once bought a bunch of calendars with antique maps and thought I would make it a border around an office. It has been 5 years and I never did it, but I still think it would be cool. Did you ever go into that Brit store downtown? They have really cool vintage maps there. I got of central europe for Nathan's office.

wendys said...


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