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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Several years ago, Mike Myers was interviewed on Live with Regis and Kelly* and he said something that has stuck in my mind for 5+ years.  He spoke about how his father, a Canadian from England, took offense when people asked him what he did for work.  Work was not who he was, it was what he did to support his family, and it was very American to be defined by your job.** 

I obviously don't have a career, but often times I feel like I'm defined, or I'm defining myself by small aspects of the whole.  I bake yummy desserts.  I read a ton.  I homeschool.  But is that all I am?  Sometimes I feel like it.  Am I okay with that?  I'm not sure.

What words or characteristics or likes do you think define you?  Are you okay with that definition?

*Perhaps even back when the show was Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, but I'm pretty sure it was once Kelly had replaced Kathy Lee.  And I'm pretty sure that it was Live with Regis, but I'm not positive.

**I'm paraphrasing here and taking huge liberties... with my memory, I'm lucky I remember who the famous person was.


Angela said...

Don't forget Ang's BFF...

wendys said...

That's a good point. I think people use it as an awkward conversation starter when they don't know a person. What should people say instead?

Kristi said...

I like what M.M's dad said. Although if a person enjoys what they do for a living then they probably don't care if it defined them or not. Rather I should say, they probably like being defined by it.

I'm with you though. At least you have some great things to define you. I've always wanted something really unique to define myself. I'm still looking I guess.

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