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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Greatest Sugar Cookie: Cookie 7

Glazed Sugar Cookie
I recently discovered that Leigh Anne at Your Homebased Mom did her own sugar cookie search a couple years ago.  This cookie was her winner.  I don't like almonds, or almond extract, so everywhere (in the dough and the glaze) that called for almond extract, I substituted vanilla extract.

Review: This cookie is delicious!  I could eat these for days at a time.  They were more chewy that the PW cookie I posted earlier.  But still, only 4 1/2 stars because they aren't really a roll out dough, and that's what this search started out looking for.  But when I want a simple, sugar cookie (that I'm not fancying up with cookie cutters), I think this cookie will be it.  I wish I had one now.


wendys said...

Has Tiffany ever given you our family sugar cookie recipe? It's the only one I'll eat. If not, I will email it to you.

Angela said...

My sister made the sugar cookies we had at my wedding the other day and they are my favorite hands down. I don't think the recipe I sent you is the right one, because these are so much better. I ate about fifty!

Erin said...

I made those once and I really liked them. I did regret the almond flavor in the icing. Good call on leaving it out!

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