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Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Ideas

One of the sad things about homeschooling is my kids missing out on the fun normal events of childhood.  Valentine's Day parties at school with little handmade Valentine boxes on every desk is on my list of things I'm sad my kids are missing out on.  But, I'm lucky enough that our homeschool groups here have provided THREE parties for us to chose from this year.

I may break down and just buy my kids store bought cards to exchange with their friends at the party, but I hate having 30 cards leftover each year.  So... if I get around to it and there aren't too many kids that RSVP, these are my kids' Valentine options:
S'Mores Pop
Gift Pouch
Clay Conversation Hearts
Valentine Doily
Valentine Photo Lollipop
Heart-shaped paperclips 
Andrea (Thanks!) shared these two with me that I love:
Mustache Valentine
Heartbreaker Valentine
And those reminded me of this idea my mom sent me a couple weeks ago:
Sucker Mustache

And finally reading through my Google Reader, weeks later, I found these cool ideas.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

This is on my list for next year...
And Evan and I made these for his friends...

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