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Saturday, February 26, 2011

To Do Today

Is it pathetic that I have this monstrous list of stuff to get done today, and I can only cross off one thing (boys' haircuts) and it's 1:30 in the afternoon already? (I'm crossing off more stuff as I go.)

  • Cut Buddy and Little Guy's hair
  • Make pizza dough for tomorrow's dinner
  • Return library books
  • Get Water Babies by Kingsley for Princess Sparkley's independent reading book*
  • Balance checkbook
  • Thank you notes
  • March newsletter for church
  • Music store (Piano books-Lesson for PS, Theory for Buddy)
  • Sew buntings
  • Deposit checks (one of which I've been carrying for a month)
  • Arrange insurance approval for Little Guy's heart check-up in May (this will have to wait until Monday)
  • Write book reviews for here
  • Clean bedroom
  • Clean closet so maintenance can come fix light in there and we can see our clothes again
  • Email maintenance re: the siding that blew off the back of the neighboring townhome's back into our backyard
  • Target trip to buy Star Wars undies (his reward for being all the way potty trained which I think he'll hit next week sometime)
  • Buy Powerade (Jed's training for a 10k)
  • Call parents to see if the snow fell anywhere near them (miraculous) like the news was reporting might happen as low as 1000 feet in southern California.  They live at 325 feet but are near some high mountains. 
  • Patch knee holes in three pairs of kid pants. 
*After we checked it out, I read about it online and decided it's not the book I was remembering from my own childhood.  The book I'm remembering from my childhood is based on this.

1 comment:

Alanna said...

My list was something like "Get the house clean enough so it no longer makes me ill. Semi-check." I think you're doing pretty good!

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