"Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of. but do it in private
and wash your hands afterwards." --Robert Heinlein.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


"Until I came across Freezer Fancies and set out to collect Irma's entire oeuvre, I was in possession of exactly thirteen cookbooks.  A comparatively modest collection, but I have my reasons, the main one being, nothing snarls me up like options.  I blame this on my genes and my waste-not, want-not penny-pinching proto-Calvinist roots, which imbued me with the feeling that to be in possession of a useful thing and not use it is to allow the devil to wedge his big toe in the screen door of your soul.  This line of thinking engenders teetering stacks of hand-washed yogurt cups, bales of folded grocery bags, and impassable porches, and the hoarding of broken-handled snow shovels.  It follows that the implied responsibility inherent in a collection of cookbooks is overwhelming."
 -from Truck: A Love Story by Michael Perry

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