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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ten years ago today Jed proposed with a ring.  We'd of course already talked marriage.  He had other plans for how he was going to propose with the ring but once my ring was ready, he couldn't wait.  He drove us to the San Buenaventura Mission in Ventura, CA and proposed to me on the steps of the mission.

Recently I've been looking for some sort of artwork I could blow up to an enormous size and hang over our bed.  Something like those giant cityscapes you can get at IKEA, but I wanted it to mean something to us, not a random shot of NYC (a city I've never been to).  I thought of the San Buenaventura Mission as something that is cool looking and meaningful to us and I started looking at pictures of it online.  Problem... crosses are heavily prominent on the roof of the mission.  For two reasons this is weird for me.  One, it's over my bed.  Two, my religion doesn't focus on the dying on a cross aspect of Christ's life.  It happened, and we study it, and know that He died for our sins, but we focus on the Resurrection aspect.  He died and came back to life. So we don't have crosses on our church, or wear cross necklaces.  So a giant picture of a Spanish mission with crosses all over it would be out of place above my bed.

*In high school, my job was basically driving around the county and taking pictures to help out in the appraisal of homes of people who had passed away (I worked for a Probate Referee).  I wandered across this house one day and fell in love.  So, one of the reasons the mission was a good spot to propose, was because the above house was our dream house when we were in high school, and it's just around the corner, sort of.  And the top floors should have ocean views.  It's apparently now a Bed and Breakfast... or maybe it was then as well.  I'm intrigued. 

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Alanna said...

Craig was just reading this post and he said that he could photoshop out the crosses for you! Let me know if you want him to!

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