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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I was talking to my mom a few weeks ago and she mentioned that the Borders near them closed. I LOVE Borders.

One, it's a bookstore. A bookstore so unlike the pathetic dinky bookstores of the past. I love superstores. Making a superstore of books is a dream come true for me. The economy is crap right now and one of my biggest concerns is that both Barnes and Noble and Borders will go out of business and life as I know (and love) it will cease to exist.

Two, for some reason I prefer Borders to Barnes and Noble. Originally, because Borders was one city closer to me in high school. Now I live within rock throwing distance of a Barnes and Noble, but I still prefer Borders. I think part of it is their FREE Borders Rewards program. No yearly fee like BN charges.

Three, the specific Borders that closed is where Jed and I went on all sorts of dates in high school, when we were engaged, and after we were married. We're book people. He'd drop me off in the Young Adult section, I'd find him later in Maps. We never even took advantage of the cafe. We just wandered the store enjoying the possibility of all the books to be read.

Borders filed for Bankruptcy today and they are closing 30% of their stores and restructuring, etc.  They are even closing the store in Lawrence, KS that I regularly frequented (so sorry Kansas friends, you're left with nothing in town... I'll cross my fingers for a Barnes and Noble to move in so you have something).  Luckily my local store is unscathed (which I predicted because I saw on a job board website recently that they were hiring).  Please go shop at Borders and spend lots of money so they don't go out of business.


Erin said...

So sorry to hear ours was one of the stores. That is really a huge disappointment. at least we still have half price books and hastings. But I agree with you in preference of borders to barnes & noble.

Kate said...

I'm definitely more of a B&N girl only because that was "my store" whenever we would go to the mall. My brother works for them now. According to him, B&N will still be around for a while.

I love Borders too, though, and am sad to see it close here!!!

wendys said...

I love borders. It was our date night place in college.

Nance said...

Kate- Good to know B&N is hanging in there. On a side note, every time you comment I think you are my old roommate Kate reappearing in the blogging world and then I get confused by stuff like 1) she isn't married, 2) she doesn't have any brothers. Then I realize it's YOU and I feel dumb all over again. Hope you and your baby get to go home soon. But at least it looks like you have internet access at the hospital... that's a small plus.

Nance said...

Erin- You might be able to answer this... [Jed] said that a lot of college bookstores have been bought/ are being run by Barnes and Noble recently. He went back to school after winter break and they are now a mini Barnes and Noble on campus... sort of. So, maybe KU will head in that direction.

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