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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Watch Out

This article, Things Babies Born in 2011 Will Never Know is fun.  Some things I would gladly see become obsolete (fax machines*, travel agents, etc.).  But others, I love.  T

Things I do love: home and work being separated, watches, paper maps, handwritten letters, mail and books.

But about watches...
About 6 months ago my trusted Fossil watch (a gift from my parents 10+ years ago) broke.  All that broke was the clasp, but it was old and scratched and it was going to cost $40 some dollars to be fixed.  So I bought a $6 clearance watch at Target that promptly fell apart (literally) the next week.  Since then I've just depended on my cell phone like everyone else.  But I LOVE having a watch.  I've worn a watch every day since I was 10 or 12.  Maybe younger because I remember having one of those stuffed animal watches when I was 8 or 9.  The kind where you lifted up the stuffed animal's head to see the wrist watch.  But moving on, my parents got me a watch for Christmas this year at my request.  When I called to thank them for it, my dad commented that no one wears a wrist watch anymore, was I sure I really wanted one.  My mom (because parents are always both on the phone line when we call- at least with my parents and my in-laws) chirped in saying of course I wanted a watch, I ALWAYS had a watch.  Exactly.  Jed wears a watch because I was so shocked when we got married that he didn't own/wear a watch that I bought him a really nice one for our one year anniversary (a Skagen titanium one that always gets a lot of compliments).  That's how much I love watches.  And my kids have watches.  Well, Buddy does.  Little Guy doesn't yet.  And Princess Sparkley used to but I think we left it at the hotel in West Virginia on the way to Thanksgiving in Ohio.

Are there things on this list you don't want to see become obsolete?  Watches?  Or books?  Jed has boxes and boxes of paper maps, so I think we're safe in that department.

*Fax machines are not among my favorite things.  I could go on and on about how annoyed I get each time a rental application or job application requires me to fax something to them. 


Lissa said...

I never take my watch off and look at it a thousand times a day. I would be lost without it. My 8 year old has panic attacks when she thinks she's going to be late so we got her a watch for Christmas so she would always know what time it is. I can't imagine life without it.

Alanna said...

I only ever wore a watch when I was in Africa, which is pretty ironic because NO ONE cares what time it is there. The Himba people would tell you to come by "when the sun is about this high." I think that gives you at least a two-hour window of time, possibly more. And if it rains, then all bets are off. I think the fact that I could never find a clock anywhere drove me nuts, though, so I finally just wore my own. As soon as I returned to America, I stopped wearing it.

The thing I'll miss from that list is forgotten friends and forgotten anything. There are plenty of people I'm okay with not keeping in touch with anymore. And I always like it when I KNOW something or when someone else knows random facts. That skill will probably die out, too, though... {Sniff.}

LisAway said...

I've always been a watch wearer, too. I always wore digital ones as a kid but then outgrew them. :) The one I had about 6 years ago broke and I felt SO strange without one. Even after a few months, I never got used to not having one. Got a new one and will never go without again.

EmmaJ said...

I had a really nice Seiko Kentic watch, but it got dropped in the kitchen at Culinary School one too many times and doesn't hold a charge anymore even though we took it in to get fixed. So I don't wear it any more. Steve wears one because he can't take a cell phone to work.

I used to write hand written letters a lot, but now they just aren't needed for correspondence. I do send more cards and things in the mail, but just not letters.

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