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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We've been laying around seemingly lazily for the past month.  Jed's classes ended before Christmas and don't start up again until next week.  So once we survived the craziness that is Christmas and all that accompanies it, we've just been recovering, relaxing and gearing up for getting back on a schedule.

What we've been working on since Christmas:
  •    Eating less (portion sizes and sweets/desserts)
  •    I've knocked out soda (although it's only been a few weeks)
  •    I've knocked out candy (mostly... I still have a stash hidden away for emergencies)
  •    We've been trying to get the kids hooked on some good habits (more to come on this later)
  •    The big kids have been learning to tie their shoes
  •    Little Guy has been working on using the potty
  •    We've been cleaning, organizing, and decluttering
  •    Reading (and writing up reviews for here- although I've only done two out of ten or so)
  •    Lego building (we built all of Buddy's sets to make sure the pieces were all still there)

Next on the to do list:
  •    Buy the kids new pants
            (they are either too tall for their pants now- PS &LG,
             or have holes in their knees- Buddy)
  •    Buy Valentine fabric for a pennant/bunting project PS and I have
  •    Decorate cakes/cupcakes w/ PS (for an upcoming Homeschool talent show)
  •    Plan out our next homeschool semester (that starts Monday!  Ahh)
  •    And tonight's dinner (Gyros - because I got an electric
              griddle for Christmas and am using is a lot!)


wendys said...

While you are at it, can you teach my son to tie his shoes too? It's impossible.

Erin said...

I want to know what else you use your griddle for. I haven't expanded much beyond pancakes. Gyros sound delicious!

Shannon said...

You used PS's real name in the post..... just in case you want to fix that.

Nance said...

@Shannon- Thanks... I fixed it. Maybe I should start calling my kids by their blog nicknames in real life so I don't have any more slip ups.:)

Nance said...

@ Erin - I emailed you, but for everyone else:
french toast, homemade tortillas, flat bread for gyros and pancakes. Up next is grilled cheese. Then... I have no idea.

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