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Monday, January 03, 2011

Reading List 2010

 Here's the breakdown:
72 books
20,302 pages
11 middle reader/children's books (usually read aloud as part of school)
31 young adult books
29 adult books
1 scripture book
And of those:
4 nonfiction
8 classics

 Books per Month Breakdown:
January - 4
February - 7
March - 6
April - 6
May - 2
June - 6
July - 4
 August - 6
September - 2
October - 8
November - 9
December - 12

Here's my completed list of books read in 2010.  This is how it looks on my spreadsheet (although I do have some extra columns for notes (ie: library vs. owned/borrowed, why I read it/who recommended it, read aloud to kids?, etc.).  


wendys said...

Wow that is quite the list. I just depend on goodreads to keep track of things for me.

Jill said...

I love this. I want to make a chart for this year

Angela said...

Which was your absolute favorite?

Erin said...

So cool. I look forward to reading some of your top 10s. Thanks for sharing. Did you like Cold Comfort Farm? It is one of my favorite movies.

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